The crucial bug fixes that iOS 9.1 brings

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With the launch of iOS 9.1 you might be wondering what bug fixes there have actually been which should spur you on to update your iOS software.


We did a little research and these are the crucial bug fixes that iOS 9.1 brings:


  • All apps should be able to update from the App Store
  • Zooming into the content of some apps should no longer be an issue
  • Activation errors on some carriers should no longer be the case
  • Game Center should launch without issue for all users
  • Calendar should no longer be unresponsive in Month view
  • A gray bar in the body of an Audio Message should no longer appear
  • The unread e-mail count that appears has been corrected for many users with POP mail accounts
  • Some users were prevented from removing recent contacts from new mail or messages; this has been sorted out
  • All messages will now appear in Mail search results




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