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7 essential travel apps for an incredible adventure

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Travelling can be an incredible adventure but it can also be pretty stressful! Between booking flights, accommodation and occasionally learning the local language, your ideal getaway can turn into quite a nightmare if you don’t plan properly. With a multitude of travel apps available, here are the best apps available to help you stay organised, … Read more

The crucial bug fixes that iOS 9.1 brings

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With the launch of iOS 9.1 you might be wondering what bug fixes there have actually been which should spur you on to update your iOS software.   We did a little research and these are the crucial bug fixes that iOS 9.1 brings:   All apps should be able to update from the App … Read more

How to delete and reinstall unresponsive apps

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We cherry pick only the best apps for our precious iPhone. So the moment an app stops responding or begins to shut down unexpectedly, we naturally get quite irritated. But this is no reason to panic. It’s quite easy to restore any of your third party apps and this usually resolves any problems you might … Read more

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