Top 3 iPhone 7 Hacks


The iPhone 7 is the newest contender to the iPhone series and while we are all eagerly awaiting to see what Apple will bring out with the next phone (as it’s the 10th year anniversary of the first iPhone), the iPhone 7 is already equipped with some fantastic features. If you own an iPhone 7 … Read more

See your iPhone’s true signal strength with this trick

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Do you ever question how accurate the signal strength dots are on your iPhone? Now you can see exactly how strong your signal is and it takes seconds to enable. And you will love this nifty little iPhone trick even more if you’re nuts about numbers. Here’s how you can replace the 5 signal dots … Read more

DIY tricks for screen & water damage


We know what a pain it is when your dearest device takes a tumble or a fall and you have a cracked screen or water damage. While we advise that you leave the final work to the experts (us), here are a few preventative measures to prevent damage in the first place: Get insured It’s … Read more

How to delete and reinstall unresponsive apps

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We cherry pick only the best apps for our precious iPhone. So the moment an app stops responding or begins to shut down unexpectedly, we naturally get quite irritated. But this is no reason to panic. It’s quite easy to restore any of your third party apps and this usually resolves any problems you might … Read more

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