How to fix a battery that dies before reaching 0%


You may have experienced a time when your battery didn’t reach 0% before dying or when it stated that it had a specific percentage before suddenly dropping massively. If this is something that happens relatively frequently to you, there is a simple fix which is likely to work.

The reason that your battery may be behaving in these unusual ways is due to the over-time life of the battery itself vs. the chip which reads battery percentage. While your battery ages, the chip does not. This difference can create inaccurate depictions since battery life has not maintained the original standard.

In order to fix the problem, you will need to recalibrate your battery. To do this, drain your battery until your phone shuts down. Once it has shut down, charge it all the way to 100% (while the phone is off). You can charge it a little longer if you want to make sure it is on 100%. When you are confident that it is at 100%, unplug your charger and turn the phone on again. That’s it. Your battery will have been recalibrated and should work properly again. If, when you turn your phone on, the battery isn’t at 100%, charge it to 100% without using it and then unplug it. This should also finish the recalibration. 
If you have read our “How everyone should be charging their phones” article, you will understand that this isn’t recommended if you want to save battery life. It should only be done when your battery life is being displayed inaccurately or when the phone has not been used for a long time. This will hopefully fixe your battery issues so that you can trust your phone’s battery life again.


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