Frequently Asked Questions

Is the DATA on my device protected?

Whilst we will make every effort to protect the data on your device, we cannot be held responsible should any data be lost or compromised. During many of the repair processes, for example the loading a new software version, the formatting of a device, all data on that device will be lost.

Do you offer any data back up services?

We do! We will back up your data should you wish however there will be a charge for this service. Even where we offer to back up your data, please understand that we cannot guarantee that this will be successful, particularly when the device is defective. You can rest assured that we will leave no stone unturned in looking after your data, but even so, we cannot be held liable should any data be lost or compromised in any way.

How does your courier service work?

If you make use of any of our national drop off points, there will be no charge. Should you wish us to collect directly from you, this will be for your account. But fear not, our courier rates are ridiculously cheap. Please refer to our courier section in the footer for up to date rates. Should anything be unclear, please make contact and we will advise.

When I hand my device over, is it insured?

Yes! As soon as your precious patient leaves your hands and is handed over to us either at a drop off point or to our courier, we accept our responsibility for your device. Please remember though that should anything happen to your baby while in our care, we will replace on a like for like basis.

Do you guarantee your work?

Except for any repairs of liquid damaged devices, we guarantee our work (including parts) for a period of three months. In the case of repairs to liquid damaged devices, due to the very nature of such damage, we unfortunately cannot guarantee the repair. We will however make every effort to help you.

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