Why everyone should have the Apple Watch Series 4



The newest model of the Apple Watch Series is certainly beautiful, with 30% larger display! Apart from its looks there are a number of internal features which are quite nifty and even life-saving.

The Apple Watch Series 4’s new ECG feature

If you haven’t already heard, the Apple Watch Series 4 is able to take an ECG reading to give you an indication of your heart health. The readings have proved to be very accurate around picking up irregularities according to a study done by Stanford (https://www.techspot.com/news/79227-apple-watches-surprisingly-good-detecting-heart-conditions-recent.html#commentsOffset). These readings, however, should not be thought of as the final result on your health, but rather used as a guideline, assisting you when speaking to doctors. The watch saves the readings to your health app, so that your doctor can take a better look at it.



Software and additional health features

The new Apple Watch series 4 runs with the new operating system, WatchOS 5. It was introduced with multiple improvements, including enhanced fitness and health tracking, walkie-talking mode and much more!

Along with physically taking an ECG yourself, the Series 4 can detect your heart rhythm in the background and will send you a notification if it has detected low heart rate or any irregularities.

 Apple has also included a fall detection feature. This feature can detect if you have fallen and will notify your emergency contacts with an SOS message. If your Apple Watch has detected that you have fallen and there is no movement for 1 minute, it will automatically notify your emergency contacts so that someone can come to your rescue. (https://www.techspot.com/news/78581-apple-watch-fall-detection-feature-probably-saved-man.html).

If you are looking at getting yourself a new Apple Watch, this one is your go-to option to get the best health benefits.





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