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iOS vs Android: What are they and what is the difference?


If you have ever heard anyone talking about the comparison between iPhone and Samsung, you would have heard the terms iOS and Android. If you don’t know what these are, below is a simple explanation of each one to help you get a better understanding of what these two important acronyms are. iOS To put … Read more

How to Back Up your iOS Device

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It is best practice to back up your device regularly, and especially before you bring it in, as it allows you to safeguard all of your personal data. Although unlikely, it is still possible that information on your device may be lost during certain repair procedures. Self-started backups are quite simple. Let us show you … Read more

7 lessons to learn from Apple’s Tim Cook


For years we have been exposed to incredible leadership lessons from Apple founder Steve Jobs after he pioneered the revolution of personal computers, phones, tablet computing, music and digital publishing. In 1998, Jobs asked Tim Cook to join Apple. In a speech at Auburn University, Cook said he decided to join Apple after meeting Jobs … Read more

The iPhones, iPads and iPods compatible with iOS 9


Can your Apple product run iOS 9? It probably can! Apple is not about to exclude users. As you will see below, it’s the exact same list of devices that could run iOS 8. The list below outlines the devices compatible with the latest iOS software: – iPhone 6 Plus – iPhone 6 – iPhone … Read more

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