iOS 11 – Everything you need to know


As stated by Apple CEO Tim Cook, the update takes the best and most advanced operating system and turns it up to 11. iOS 11 said to be a huge step for iPhone and a monumental leap for iPads. According to MacRumors iOS 11 introduces us to subtle design changes to interface elements throughout the operating … Read more

10 Interesting iOS 10 Features


A big iOS update is more than just a design overview with functionality changes – there are always some great new features added and we’ve put together a list of 10 cool features that might or might not know about. 1. Magnifier iOS 10 has new accessibility feature called Magnifier. Yes, you can use your … Read more

How to not lose your data if you forget your iPhone password


It is not unusual for Apple users to contact us after forgetting their iPhone password. It can be something as simple and as unlikely as forgetting your password or it can be something more probable like a child repeatedly pressing in the incorrect password.  Repetitively entering the incorrect password can result in the loss of … Read more

How to tell if an app is suitable for your kid


As parents or guardians, we know that most kids these days have mobile devices or access to them, particularly for safety reasons and educational purposes. Even with our own iPads and iPhones, the apps are particularly useful for keeping the little ones occupied while commuting. They help our kids learn everything from basic drawing, reading … Read more

7 essential travel apps for an incredible adventure

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Travelling can be an incredible adventure but it can also be pretty stressful! Between booking flights, accommodation and occasionally learning the local language, your ideal getaway can turn into quite a nightmare if you don’t plan properly. With a multitude of travel apps available, here are the best apps available to help you stay organised, … Read more

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