How to download WhatsApp on your iPhone


  So, you finally got yourself an iPhone and you now want to message your friends and family. But how do you get WhatsApp? And what do you do once it has actually downloaded? The step by step guide below will help you to get chatting with everyone in no time. Installing the app The … Read more

Resetting your Apple Watch


  There are two main steps to reset your Apple Watch. First, you need to unpair your watch with your iPhone before you can reset it to factory settings. If you no longer have your iPhone or cannot unpair, this is not a problem. You can just jump straight to resetting your watch. Unpairing Apple … Read more

iOS vs Android: What are they and what is the difference?


If you have ever heard anyone talking about the comparison between iPhone and Samsung, you would have heard the terms iOS and Android. If you don’t know what these are, below is a simple explanation of each one to help you get a better understanding of what these two important acronyms are. iOS To put … Read more

New Year, Bigger Things!


What to expect from Apple in 2019. In Apple’s $5 billion headquarters, Apple Park, engineers, marketers, and executives are working on the hardware and software the tech giant will release this year. Apple never comments on future products, but thanks to a robust ecosystem of journalists, analysts, and rumourmongers, we can put together a pretty … Read more

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